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What We Offer


I offer various therapeutic massage services to meet your massage therapy needs. At Divine Light Reiki & Massage, each service I offer is unique and has different benefits.

Regular massage therapy helps you relax your body, lowers stress levels, and is a great way to take care of yourself. Pick one type or a combination to get the most out of your session. Each service is $65 for 60 minutes and $85 for 90 minutes.



Swedish Relaxation Massage

Swedish Relaxation massage uses long, calming strokes and gentle compression of the muscle tissue from head to toe. This is so your muscles can let go of the daily tension and stress, renewing your spirit. 


Body Insight NeuroMuscular Massage

The Body Insight NeuroMuscular Therapy massage targets discomfort and dysfunction deep within the muscular structure.  It is an integrative massage with the therapist and the client working together. Pressure is applied to the targeted muscle, the client engages that muscle to form resistance. It is much like tripping the "reset button" for that muscle.


 Combination of These

Take you massage to a new level by combining more than one technique for a custom-tailored massage session.


Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue massage uses the Swedish Relaxation massage concepts and additional time spent massaging the areas of tension that do not want to "let go" by doing deep integrative work in those tense, knotted areas. This deep tissue therapy utilizes the client's central nervous by applying deeper, slower strokes to calm the muscles.


Usui Tibetan Reiki

Reiki works with the whole person to heal at all levels: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. I will have you plan what you would like to work on during the Reiki session.  After choosing your intention, I will ground you to the earth and then start channeling the universal energy into your body chakra as indicated by your intention. 

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